Life, Flow, Balance Coaching for Personal Development and Transformation.

At Lifeflowbalance Coaching and Consulting, we understand how complex and challenging modern life has become. The pace of change, the expectations to perform and consume ever-evolving technology stretches our sense of what it means to be human and live a meaningful and balanced life. A life that makes the most of our talents, strengths and interests.

I am the coach for you if you are looking for someone to support you in the search for inner balance and a sense of flow in your life and relationships with others; be that in your professional life, personal life or both. Building on your strengths, inner and outer resources; challenging any self-limiting assumptions and beliefs, aligning your life with what gives you a sense of meaning and purpose, together we will put the flow and balance back into whatever area of your life you wish to work on.

Feelings of being stuck, stressed, anxious, lacking motivation, becoming overwhelmed, while they cause distress are also, in essence, an indication that you are in transition. You are caught in-between your current reality and a desired future state. The way forward is there, but you just cannot see it. We can, at such points in life, become stuck in patterns of thought, feeling, and behaviour that hook us into a negative and sometimes destructive cycle.

The pressure to fulfil our own expectations and those of others can sometimes exert painful conflicts, divided loyalties, stress and lack of motivation. We may be ambitious for our lives but feel stuck; successful but feel limited in some way or gripped by inner conflicts we struggle to resolve; we may be working too hard, have poor work-life balance and fear burnout.

Lifeflowbalance coaching draws on a range of evidence-based approaches to give you back your sense of purpose, direction, meaning and life flow. My programme of Mindful-Self leadership is a bespoke one to one application that is shaped to meet your emerging needs as you define and move toward your goals.

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Life, Flow, Balance Coaching and Consulting for Organisational Wellbeing and Resilience.

Organisations are an organic system of human relationships and just as individuals can become stuck in the complex web of pressures exerted by the constant pace of change, uncertainty, ambiguity in the world, so can whole organisations, leadership teams, and individual workers. As a coach experienced in working in complex organisations I bring significant insight from a 29 career working in Education and LAs Consultancy to Schools. I work with you to design an appropriate, high leverage intervention, leaving you with tools that you can continue to use when our work with you is complete.

My work with organisations ranges from working on Leadership Team Resilience to one to one Wellbeing coaching for employees. I work with teams to understand the internal system dynamics that may be impairing performance or making them sluggish in the face of external demands for change, including succession planning. Vision, values and ethics are at the heart of what we do. Starting with core moral purpose is grounding and provides a compass to navigate the flurry of other agendas that can often blur our vision and blunt our sense of purpose.

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Charmaine Roche
Company Director

Executive Coaching Consultant and Executive Life Coach
PG Dip Coaching (Distinction), MAC, FRSA.

Mission Statement

LifeFlowBalance Coaching and Consulting Ltd works with you to bring about personal, professional and organisational transformation through the art and science of evidence-based coaching.

We take a values centred, strengths-based, systemic approach to individual, team, group and organisational change.

Helping professionals strengthen their sense of meaning and purpose, build resilience and achieve wellbeing in a complex, volatile, ambiguous and uncertain world.

Service Values

  • We work to make coaching accessible and time limited.
  • We are fully present for our clients, creating the right climate for effective working alliances that produce optimal outcomes in line with agreed goals and or personal development aspirations.
  • We work with you to create solutions through a lively, supportive, challenging and innovative partnership.
  • Enhanced DBS Certificate
  • Quality Assurance through the Society of Education Consultants (SEC).
  • Professionally Insured by Oxygen
  • ICO. Data Protection Certificate No. ZA229809

Client Portfolio Includes:

Charmaine Roche Client portfolio Charmaine Roche Client portfolio Charmaine Roche Client portfolio
Charmaine Roche Client portfolio

Charmaine Roche Client portfolio Charmaine Roche Client portfolio

Areas of Operation:
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