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Why work with me?

Align your Heart, Body, & Mind, and Spirit for a more balanced life.

LifeFlowBalance Mindful Self-Leadership Group Coaching is for those who recognise that happiness is not just about superficial pleasures. It is about achieving that balance in life that allows you to live with honesty and integrity; face new challenges with confidence and courage; build and sustain valuable and productive relationships in personal and professional fields of life.

When we talk about maintaining good health we often only talk about physical exercise and diet. While this is of course correct, research also shows that our mindset contributes as much to physical health as what we do and what we eat!

How we think and how we manage our emotions is as important as what we do and what we eat when it comes to remaining healthy. I believe passionately that if the kind of stuff I teach on my workshops was taught to us in schools many of us could have avoided some of the car crashes we experience later in life.

Learn how to become your own best friend, manage stress, anxiety, improve confidence and strengthen your sense of purpose; find your inner flow through self-acceptance and self- compassion practices. Join a group with your family, friends, partner or alone.

Take up this invitation to develop your own mindfulness practice. Whether you are new to it or wanting to develop your practice further. You will have a friendly and supportive group to travel on this part of your life journey with you.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

What the service includes:

We will have a 15-minute fact finding and goal setting session by phone. I will offer you the opportunity to begin a self-awareness journal, provided free when you register, as well as some recommended reading including a free resource introducing you to your 'inner chimp’. By the time you arrive at the first workshop you will already have a mindfulness story to share with your co-participants.