Transformational Leadership Development, Wellbeing and Resilience.

We have developed a range of options to meet the needs of organisations and teams wanting to build Resilience across their workforce. Both the science and art of coaching are integrated to offer you coaching packages that deliver results. We are solution focused and evidence-based. No gimmicks here. We offer cutting-edge interventions that draw on that are benchmarked against what is proven best practice in both the private and public sector. We take an exploratory, ethical and values-based approach to change and development. We are in this to work with you to meet your authentic strategic objectives and long-term aims.

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1:1 Transformational Leadership and Resilience Coaching for Senior and Middle leaders

Investing in the development of your best and emerging talent is good for retention, personalised on-going development and succession planning. We need to grow not only the leadership skills and competencies of our key people but also their emotional intelligence, psychological capital and resilience. This programme will help them to lead and manage themselves better so that in turn they will be better able to increase the motivation, engagement and performance of those they lead.

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Charmaine is also an Executive Coach with Ambition School Leadership.
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Senior Leadership Team Coaching for Resilience with Charmaine Roche

Transformational Leadership Team & Group Coaching

Executive coaching applied to a team can vastly upscale the benefits when compared to coaching individuals in isolation from the dynamics in which they work. We know how powerfully team dynamics impact team effectiveness. Team coaching can help to prepare for and lead through strategic organisational changes, integrate new team leader or team members, or troubleshoot dysfunctional behaviours. Assignments are entirely bespoke to the team and the organisation so duration and, therefore, costs will reflect what is commissioned and will include time for research and development in addition to the on-site delivery of the service.

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Mindful-Self Leadership Workshops with Charmaine Roche

Staff Wellbeing Mindful Self-Leadership Group Coaching for teachers and other stressed professionals.

Staff well-being has never been more of an urgent issue than it is at present. With staff recruitment reaching crisis levels at all stages of professional life from NQT to Head Teacher, what can we do to make the workplace a psychologically safer and more nurturing place to be?

Charmaine runs Mindfulness Based Group Coaching Workshops during which individuals learn how to manage stress and anxiety; learn to be more self-aware and self-regulatory; learn how to manage complex tasks and environments in ways that support balance and flow. Places, where you deliver outcomes in environments, driven by consistently lived moral purpose, not fear.

Provide the room and we bring the service to you. Participants pay the costs of attending.
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Create a coaching culture, train your own in-house coaching team.

Finding it hard to shift people and get past resistance to change?

Enhance your developmental culture by incorporating psychologically based coaching approaches and skills into how you lead and manage your people. Applying psychological approaches to coaching within your organisation is likely to bring about quicker, deeper and more lasting results than simple solution focused approaches on their own. Learn how to use the principles of positive psychology, cognitive behavioural coaching, and mindfulness approach to support and develop your people.

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