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Our services to schools are bespoke to the needs of each organisation. If any of the services below are of interest please contact to discuss your needs. Prices are based on the consultant day rate with discounts available for projects requiring more than one day. Half days can also be accommodated. Get in touch here.


Executive Coaching

Strengths-based Executive Coaching is an innovative, evidenced-based approach to talent development. Your next stage of development or current post requires you to move significantly out of your comfort zone, challenging you to question and move beyond the profile of leadership behaviours that have brought you past success. Our Leadership Development Coaching creates a safe space, increasing your ability to lead your self, leader others, and lead transformation in your organisation.

Charmaine is an Executive coach with The Future Leaders Trust.
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Leadership Team Coaching

Harness the energy, motivation and creativity of your teams. We provide senior and middle leadership team coaching and bespoke development workshops. Using a strengths based approach learn how to:
  • Become more resilient as a team
  • Maximise realised strengths, marshal unrealised strengths, moderate learned behaviours and minimise weaknesses
  • Manage your inner state more effectively to influence others more productively

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Team Building & Group Coaching

When teams get a new leader, are going through a significant transition or facing new challenges a tailored, team building programme will release the dynamics required to take them through the change curve successfully.

Successfully induct a new layer of middle or group of senior leaders; accelerate growth into the role, gain a high level of successful adaptation in behaviours to meet new challenges; embed learning from NPQH, NPQSL, NPQML.

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Staff Wellbeing through Mindfulness-group coaching for teachers.

Staff well-being has never been more of an urgent issue than it is at present. With staff recruitment reaching crisis levels at all stages of professional life from NQT to Head Teacher, what can we do to make the workplace a psychologically safer and nurturing place to be?
Charmaine runs Mindfulness Based Group Coaching Workshops during which individuals learn how to manage stress and anxiety; learn to be more self-aware and self-regulatory; learn how to manage complex tasks and environments in ways that support balance and flow.

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Bespoke Training and Development

Our training is designed to be stimulating, challenging and innovative.
Contact us if you would like to have some professional development training designed just for you!

Specialising in:
  • CPD for Outstanding Schools
  • Growing a coaching culture.
  • Training your managers and lead professionals in core coaching skills using the Association for Coaching Competencies Framework.
  • Troubleshoot dysfunctional teams

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