Resilience Workshop

One of the best rebel women sessions we've had. Our first masterclass yesterday evening was a session on 'Remaining hopeful/optimistic in challenging times'. I put a lot of hours into finding us the right 'expert' to run the session and I was very impressed! Charmaine Roche ran an excellent session and we all got something out of it. It was such an open, creative and thought provoking 3 hours. A huge thank you to Charmaine and all the women who came and made it such an enjoyable experience.

Sonia Long, Rose Associates, CEO.
Executive Life Coaching

My coaching relationship with Charmaine has been both a revelation and life-changing. She is professional, patient and caring, yet also direct. She has an uncanny ability to unpick my answers to her questions, and pinpoint what the actual issues are. She has had a very positive impact on the way I feel about myself and helped me to be able to ‘step outside’ myself and look at various situations critically. The various strategies she has suggested to me have been extremely helpful. Several months after starting sessions with Charmaine, I am now better able to prioritise my workload and stay calmer in stressful situations. Her effect on my life, both at work and at home, has been considerable and lasting. I highly recommend her as a coach.

Teacher, Fernwood School, Nottingham, March 2016
Leadership Development Executive Coaching

The coaching relationship with Charmaine has helped me to develop a better understanding of the steps needed to lead on a whole school initiative. In the second session we looked at how we could enable all stakeholders to take some form of ownership of any change and in the third session we looked at a time frame for change and resourcing stakeholders.

The coaching experience had impact on my confidence and ability to lead on a whole school initiative. I feel that through these sessions I am better equipped with the some of the knowledge needed. The sessions have also highlighted that this is an area to be further developed through my master’s course.

I would recommend Charmaine because as a new member to the SLT, lacking valuable experience and knowledge to lead on a whole school initiative, I felt that the confidential support provided by Charmaine... was invaluable. I think that it would be useful for all new SLT members to be given some developmental coaching such as this.

S. Peel, Assistant Head Teacher, Rushcliffe School, October 2016.

The coaching relationship with Charmaine turned out to be an absolute delight. From the beginning, I was looking for someone who you could have a frank and open discussion about leadership development as I was feeling I had hit a ‘brick wall’ in terms of further progression. Charmaine has instilled a belief in me that I am ready for the next stage in school leadership. The relationship was one of deep thinking discussion, good humour, direct questioning, facing honest truths and developing pathways. The atmosphere was always positive and I left the sessions with a spring in my step. I stated from the outset that I wanted the coaching sessions to be motivational and Charmaine was very effective for me with this regard.

You receive a truly personalised programme of coaching. The coaching is flexible to meet your needs and she has exceptional listening skills in order to interpret what you are saying and then make you reflect further on the points raised. She has a very good sense of humour. The coaching style has its formalities but is informal in the way you can be open and discuss matters. This I appreciated as I felt I could at times speak about my frustrations.

She is organised and a good time keeper. Her approach for me was motivational, encouraging change in me and in my practice without dictating anything but allowing you to figure things out for yourself. On a couple of occasions, I felt like an idiot for not thinking through things better in the first place. Charmaine was never judgemental, giving reasons why we don’t get things 100% right in the first place and that it is ok to learn from our mistakes

She never showed any signs of frustration and gave me the client time to formulate answers to probing questions. For someone who is by nature a quiet person, this was appreciated. She is someone you can trust completely and highly supportive.

P. Stevens, Assistant Head Teacher, Minster School, February 2015.

Leadership Development Coaching

Three months after the coaching sessions and taking time to reflect on my current behaviours and how they have changed since the coaching took place I would say:

I feel that the skills and change in approach I learnt to adopt during my coaching has had a lasting effect, I do not direct my team in the way I used to, I ensure that I am always there for them and when they come to me with issue or we are discussing the approach to a project I do not lead the conversation, instead I ask the team what they would do, or how we might tackle things, this allows them greater space to learn and develop for themselves, I do think overall I have moved from a very directing management style to a slightly softened coaching style of leadership.

I do sometimes still feel that this approach makes me appear hands off and I question if I should support more, having concerns at time that I may come across as distant or disinterested, however, I have stuck with it as I can see that the space I provide the team is allowing them to flourish, improving morale and creating a real buzz in the team. This change in my style in leadership has also come at a time of change in the organisation with two teams coming together changes in the roles that individuals are undertaking and a change in focus on the work we are delivering, this combination of factors has seen the team excel.

K. Brown, Business Transformation Manager, Chesterfield Borough Council, July 2015.

Confidence Coaching

I would describe my coaching relationship with Charmaine as:

  • Intensive
  • Positive
  • Motivating
  • Revealing
  • Enjoyable
  • Built on a strong rapport as Charmaine is highly attentive
  • Observant
  • Empathetic
  • Gently challenging

I felt valued, respected and genuinely listened to. The coaching experience had an impact on my awareness of my own limiting thoughts and behaviours in different scenarios and improved my motivation to apply strategies for change on a consistent basis.

I am now more aware of tools that I can use to support continuing self-development.

I would recommend Charmaine because of all the reasons outlined above".
L. Highway, Community Protection Service Centre Team Leader, Business Development Nottingham CC, May 2015.

Leadership Development Coaching

The coaching relationship with Charmaine was extremely positive. She was professional, warm and quickly created an environment in which I felt comfortable discussing issues and solutions.

I feel that the coaching experience has had an impact on my ability to prioritise. I now feel confident that I have the ability to find the solutions required to any issue that arises. I have also felt more aware of the language that I am using about myself and feel that I frame things more positively than before.

I feel confident to move forward with the decisions that I have made.I would highly recommend Charmaine; she is a skilled coach who is able to employ a variety of strategies to any session".

Director Of Teaching and Learning, Fernwood School, May 2015.

I would describe the coaching relationship with Charmaine as supportive and positive. Charmaine listened carefully and used her knowledge of coaching strategies to challenge me to set up steps to overcome barriers to a successful outcome of the objective. I found the methods used clarified the way forward and meant sidestepping any perceived barriers.

In some cases, where barriers were recognised, Charmaine challenged me to think about how to either face these by finding a way to overcome them or by sidestepping them and seeing them as not as barriers so not needing consideration to achieve success in the project.

The coaching experience had impact on the way I think about planning actions to achieve successful outcomes; knowing there will be barriers to any objective with a range of staff who have different needs and expectations. I can see the main objective and know how the actions planned can achieve it. The methods Charmaine used were helpful in setting achievable goals. The time reflecting on barriers and her supportive voice helping to structure ways forward was liberating.

I would recommend Charmaine because she is a good listener, a perceptive strategist and a nurturing, empathetic coach with an educational background."

S. Nolan Maths Co-ordinator, Gunthorpe Primary School, March 2015.

Business Confidence Coaching

My coaching relationship with Charmaine was insightful, energetic, fulfilling thought provoking and fun! The coaching experience had a positive impact on my self-belief, increased my sense of credibility, my ability to ‘sell’ myself as a consultant and increased my happiness at work.

I would recommend Charmaine because she has a natural ability to translate what I think are confused ramblings into meaningful sentences which then transition into actions that change the way you think about yourself and the way you perform."

Consultant, Bravery Consulting 'Trouble Shooter' to
GPs, March 2015.