About Charmaine

The Nottingham Coaching Centre is the home of LifeFlowBalance Coaching and Consulting which incorporates Services2Education. Entering the coaching and consultancy profession through educational leadership and management Charmaine has rapidly established herself as a trusted partner using her friendly and open manner to help her clients gain more balance and success in their lives - both at work and home.

Charmaine Roche, founder, and executive coach has a uniquely creative intuitive style which has developed cumulatively throughout her extensive career. Her professional life for 29 years was in the field of education; going from classroom to head teacher with advisory and consultancy roles in between posts. As a result, she is highly experienced as well as resilient. She knows at first hand the challenges of adapting to new demands and situations, of dealing with the unexpected and the unknown.

When not coaching and consulting on her own behalf she takes on projects as an associate with Services Ltd which takes her across the globe as well as into companies throughout the UK.

She is well qualified at graduate and post graduate levels in leadership, management, and coaching. Her post-graduate coaching diploma was gained in 2015 from Warwick University, with distinction.

She is an accredited member and Director of the Society of Education Consultants and a Member of the Association for Coaching conducting her work in line with their codes of ethics and professional practice.

How we work

Charmaine ensures that each client has the opportunity to achieve agreed goals and reach for their aspirations.
This is achieved by:

  • Clear and transparent contracting and pricing from the start
  • A secure confidentiality agreement
  • Impact measures agreed and monitored as the engagement progresses
  • Building self-coaching and sustainable approaches so clients continue to develop when the coaching or consultancy ends
  • A money back guarantee if by session three no positive results are indicated in feedback and evaluations


Charmaine has seen the impact her methods have had for clients seeking improved performance at work, better work-life balance or strategies for coping with the complex stressful demands of work and life. LifeFlowBalance offers a free initial consultation to each client.


Community Engagement is an area of deep commitment and is pursued in addition to our commercial activity. We seek to contribute to community and social development through offering special rates to charities and non-profits whose values and aims we share, by offering specific pro bono projects, and by volunteering.

Contact us

Send and enquiry to book a free consultation. We believe that it’s all about relationship, you will know if we can work together after a few seconds on the phone or during that informal face to face meeting.

Areas of Operation:

  • Nottingham
  • Nottinghamshire
  • East Midlands
  • Derby
  • Derbyshire
  • Birmingham
  • London
  • North East