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A new series of posts setting out the principles that underpin my coaching approach starting with letters A-C

A is for Acceptance
Acceptance is often the doorway to transformational change. Helping my clients face into difficulty from a place of feeling grounded in their strengths and resources is a key part of building rapport, trust, and a strong working alliance. Acceptance allows us the freedom to redirect our energies away from negative self-judgement, from struggling with challenges to acting proactively to transform our situation in a way that takes account of reality without being paralysed by it. Radical Acceptance can lead to flow and ease in managing your internal resources and influencing others.
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B is for Being & Becoming
Being is the ability to free ourselves from those auto-pilot behaviours that no longer serve us. As life, our needs and the needs of others change around us we are challenged to pay attention to things we have formerly taken for granted. To question our assumptions, to suspend our judgmental mind and amend our judgements. Paying attention to what arises in the moment from our inner processing of reality gives us the capacity to guide our process of Becoming, or to use another term, to guide our own growth.

Lifeflowbalance Executive Coaching A-Z

C is for Compassion
Authenticity is the daily, lived embodiment of your ethics, your moral code and values. A moral code and set of values that are practised with compassion. A moral code which values inclusion, equality, dissent, and difference. Teaching clients to 'hold their values lightly', can be key to teaching self-compassion and compassion for others. A truly inclusive leader is sure enough of herself to not feel the need to impose her values and beliefs on others which acting on behalf of our common humanity. You are fully free to lead.

Lifeflowbalance Executive Coaching A-Z